Let us present 5 benefits of having a driveway BEFORE the #constructiontx is over:

1. Easy access to the building that is under construction

2. Construction materials can be delivered directly in front of the house.

(If you have a construction fence around your property, this might be a great idea 👍👍👍 because now you don’t have to worry about leaving the construction materials outside) ⠀

3. Materials, delivered and unloaded on the driveway, stay clean in the rainy and windy weather.

4. The house stays cleaner inside.

Construction workers don’t take their shoes off when enter the house. Can you imagine what happens on the floor when it is muddy outside and the subs have to get into your house? – Yes, Houston clay comes in with the workers’ shoes. ⠀

5. You do it all at once:

Install driveway together with the foundation.

It gives you the timing benefit: 5.1 Pass TWO form-work inspections (foundation and driveway) on the same day 5.2 Get the concrete crew come and do the work once (don’t have to schedule the pour first for foundation and then again for driveway) ⠀ We hope that this would help you in your #construction process and make it easier and less stressful! ⠀ Stay in touch with us for more good #constructiontips! ⠀ #houstonbuilder #construxtionlaporte #constructionbayarea #drivewayshouston #foundationhouston

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